Artist Statement for the Rain Crow January 4 2018.jpg
peach tree at Margaret and Elmers old house.jpg
20120704_Dads farm July 3rd Coyote_0466.jpg
Dad with the spider limb.jpg
Dad sleeping on the couch.jpg
Dads sleeve.jpg
The Foxhound cemetery
20140805_2014 dads farm cemetary and walk_3490.jpg
20140805_tomato staking with Dad and Erin_3930.jpg
Dad and I staking tomatoes 3.jpg
the little house.jpg
Dad and the June bug.jpg
20140806_DAD TAN SHIRT SUMMER 2014_4436.jpg
june bugs on a string.jpg
fuel tank.jpg
20140806_DAD TAN SHIRT SUMMER 2014_4715.jpg
one legged chicken 2014.jpg
20140804_Dads farm 2014 August_2893.jpg
20140805_tomato staking with Dad and Erin_3796.jpg
Carolina Cross Patch .jpg
Dad and the turtle on its back.jpg
20140727_Dad chickens_2608.JPG
Dad walking back from opening the gate.jpg
Foxhunting gate.jpg
20140806_DAD TAN SHIRT SUMMER 2014_4638.jpg
mhdams_job file20.jpg
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